For over 20 years, Donna Green has guided Nolensville residents through the complexities of the divorce process.



For over 20 years, Donna Green has guided Nolensville residents through the complexities of the divorce process.









With over 20 years experience as a Nolensville divorce attorney, Donna Green guides clients through the divorce process utilizing agreement over litigation wherever possible. She focuses solely on family law matters such as divorce, child custody, child support, adoptions, and post-divorce modifications, as well as mediations and appeals.

Donna prefers to help her clients reach an agreement in their case, rather than bring the case to trial for a judge to decide. Typically in family courts, a settlement agreement is faster, less expensive, less stressful on the parties and their children, more certain, and tends to provide terms that are tailored to her client’s priorities. However, for a variety of reasons, some cases cannot be settled by agreement and a trial is needed. When that occurs, Donna passionately advocates for her clients in court, and uses her knowledge of Nolensville family law and procedures to achieve the best outcome for her clients.

Donna Green’s History as a Nolensville Divorce Attorney

The work ethic that sets Donna Green apart as a Williamson County and Nolensville family lawyer was evident long before she opened her law firm. She attended Cornell University as an undergraduate in Communication and Mechanical/Aerospace Engineering. She graduated from Vanderbilt University School of Law in 1998.

In 2016, Donna was named one of the 10 Best Female Family Law Attorneys in Tennessee by the American Institute of Family Law Attorneys. In 2014, this respected family lawyer was recognized by the Nashville Business Journal, where she received a Best of the Bar nomination. Additionally, her editorial legal analysis has been published in The Tennessean.

Determined to remain up to date with all that is happening in the practice area of family law in Nolensville, Donna Green maintains membership with several associations. She served for five years as the Administrator of the Tennessee John Marshall American Inn of Court. She has also been a member of the Williamson County Bar Association and the Tennessee Bar Association.

Compassionate Handling of Family Law Matters

Donna believes that divorce cases and other matters involving family law require a great deal of personal attention.  Her overarching goal is to help clients through the difficult divorce process in a proactive, strategic manner. She aims to secure the favorable divorce terms that her clients desire, while providing realistic feedback about what outcomes are likely. Knowing when to settle a case and when to bring it to trial is a skill that comes with Donna Green’s decades of experience as a Nolensville divorce attorney.






Robbie Beal

Robbie Beal

In 2014, Robbie Beal returned to private practice after serving a seven-year term as Juvenile Court Referee/Magistrate, followed by an eight-year term as Circuit Court Judge for the 21st Judicial District (Williamson, Hickman, Lewis and Perry counties). His current practice spans the range of cases that he handled as a judge, including criminal cases, divorce and post-divorce matters, contract disputes, personal injury cases, orders of protection, and Juvenile Court matters. Robbie is also a highly regarded mediator for Williamson County and the surrounding areas.

Donna Green

Donna Green

Donna Green focuses her practice solely on family law cases such as divorce, child custody, child support, adoptions, and post-divorce modifications, as well as mediations and appeals. She attended Cornell University as an undergraduate in Communication and Mechanical/Aerospace Engineering. She graduated from Vanderbilt University School of Law in 1998. For over a decade, she ran her own small law firm, handling family law cases throughout Middle Tennessee. In 2017, Donna partnered with three other attorneys to open the office of Beal, Green, Nations & Crutcher.

Erin Nations

Erin Nations

Erin Nations focuses her practice in the area of family law, representing clients in divorce, child custody, child support, post- divorce modifications, and adoption matters. Erin also practices in the areas of criminal defense, personal injury, and juvenile matters. While a law student, she clerked full-time for the Circuit Court Judges of Williamson County. It was during her tenure as a law clerk that she formed the relationships and gained the vital experience that have shaped her into the well-known and respected attorney that she is today.

Shannon Crutcher

Shannon Crutcher

Shannon Crutcher handles a wide range of cases including divorce, post-divorce, custody, adoption, juvenile matters, criminal defense, contract disputes and general civil litigation. He is a native of Williamson County and serves as vice mayor on the Fairview City Commission. Shannon attended Trevecca Nazarene University where he graduated Magna Cum Laude with a Bachelor of Arts, and later received an MBA. He has been licensed to practice law in Tennessee since 2009. Shannon resides in Fairview, Tennessee, with his wife and two children.

About Donna L. Green


Donna Green focuses her practice solely on Nolensville family law cases such as divorce, child custody, child support, adoptions, and post-divorce modifications, as well as mediations and appeals.

As a Nolensville divorce attorney, Donna Green works to utilize the most amicable route available so the process of divorce is as fast and painless as possible. Sometimes agreement is an available route rather than trial litigation. If so, reaching an agreement is almost almost always the faster, more affordable and more comfortable route. Rather than letting a judge decide your case, settlement allows the most control and certainty of terms for invested parties.

As an experienced divorce attorney in Nolensville, Donna is able to navigate the process of divorce as collaboratively as possible for everyone involved. While she is always looking for a way to reach agreement, Donna also has solid litigation experience as a Nolensville divorce attorney. Her unique combination of litigation and mediation experience allows Donna to provide the most pragmatic advice for her clients.


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The National Advocates
American Institute of Family Law Attorneys 10 best 2016


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As a divorce attorney Donna's in-depth knowledge of Tennessee divorce laws can work to your favor. She can also assist with high asset divorces. Because Donna Green accepts only a limited number of clients, you will receive the personalized attention that your divorce case requires.

Child Support & Child Custody

The divorce or separation process can be quite complex, but when children are involved, it becomes even more complicated. Ensuring children are properly supported and enjoy a favorable residential schedule is vital to protecting children during a divorce.

Family Law

Donna's knowledge of family law is accompanied by her ability to navigate both the process of negotiation and litigation. Her unique experience allows Donna to utilize the most peaceful approach available so as to expedite the process and minimize associated stress for her clients.


Donna is a Rule 31 Family Law Mediator, which enables her to help parties reach a settlement agreement in their divorce. Donna's experience with the Williamson County divorce courts makes her a natural choice to mediate difficult divorces.


Very Happy Single Dad

Donna was my attorney through a two year fight with a very contentious ex wife and her equally contentious attorney.

Everything from 50/50 custody to every financial decision (including the realtor chosen to sell the marital home) was fought for or had to be decided by the court because of my ex and her attorney.

After a long and drawn out process I got the 50/50 custody that I wanted and am much better off financially than I could have ever imagined at the start of this process.

Furthermore, Donna was very good at talking me through the process and calming me when I felt overwhelmed or just wanted to cave to their scare tactics. This saved me thousands of dollars and helped me through this emotionally.

I couldn't have asked for anything more from an attorney than what I received by hiring Donna.

Attorney of the YEAR!

A year and a half into my case, with two other attorney's behind me who botched up my case and basically set my case up for failure, Donna Green was willing to take on my child custody and divorce case. From the minute Donna took over my case I felt like I had someone who actually listened to me and cared and was ready and willing to "fight for my rights". I wasn't just a number and a paycheck.
Donna has a brilliant mind. She was able to make things happen that my two previous attorneys told me "would not happen".
I know Donna will be "Judge Green" someday. Donna's knowledge, wisdom, patience, gusto, respect, perseverance, and sense of humor in the midst of very stressful situations make her stand out.
Thank you Donna for caring about me and my son and willing to fight for us.

a Child Custody client

Donna Green knows the law and is extremely good with interpretting the law. She is knowledgable, professional and pleasant. I would recommend her to anyone seeking an attorney with thourough knowledge of Tennessee law! Additionally, should your case go to appeal, she is extremely good at writing briefs and presenting oral arguments. She makes it easy for her clients to understand, and lays it out nicely for the judge as well. I can’t say enough about her.


We hired Donna during a move away situation with my stepdaughter. She fought hard for my husband’s rights to be a parent to his daughter. Everyone in her office is very professional and personable. She did a great job arguing our case and was very good at listening to our concerns and our wanted outcomes in the case, as well as going to mediation to try and avoid court. We really appreciate her!

a Child Custody client

My first mistake was not initially choosing an attorney that specializes in Child Custody. That was over 4 years ago. I am a single father, I was ignorant about the laws of divorce and child custody. I picked a random attorney and I was literally raked over the coals. Donna was recommended to me by the Dads of TN organization. Since that time, Donna and I have been through numerous depositions, mediations, and court appearances. She has never lost a battle for me, and we have been up against some of the best in Williamson County. I now have my son as much as my work physically allows, and he’s here with me every week. He is smart, well-adjusted, and happy. I owe that to Donna. Some insight on why Donna is so good, and other attorneys would be wise to heed this, is the fact that her intuition is amazing. She gets to know you, her client, and in doing so also knows who and what you are going up against. She prepares her strategy based on this knowledge and, coupled with her knowledge of the law, provides the best representation you could ever hope for. One more point I would like to make is Donna only takes a limited number of cases at any time. By doing so, she stays current with your situation, she can respond in a timely manner, and you don’t get lost in the “shuffle” of a mountain of other clients. I would never use anyone else.

a Child Custody Client

Donna Green was very helpful in my divorce case and acted with constant professionalism. She advised me on court proceedings that were necessary for me to receive an equal distribution of an asset and temporary support in my divorce case. Donna was always mindful of my comfort zone in making decisions concerning the case and showed a great amount of expertise when dealing with opposing counsel. I feel pleased with the outcome of my divorce and feel that Donna's experience in the courtroom as well as reputation within the legal community contributed to my positive outcome.



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Can I come to see you before I’m certain that I want to file for divorce?


Yes. In fact, I prefer to meet with a potential client before the divorce pending. That allows me to advise the person to take actions that might change the outcome of their divorce if they are put into place before someone actually files.

The first step is to call to set up an initial consultation. During the initial consultation, I will learn about the unique facts of your situation, and give you my assessment of the strengths and weaknesses of your case. If there are actions you can take to strengthen your position in a legal battle, I will advise you to do so, and discuss my tentative strategies for maximizing your outcome. At the end of the meeting, I will have enough information to set a retainer amount if you choose to hire me to represent you.

What will it cost?


For an initial consultation, I charge a flat fee of $100. Typically, the consultation meeting runs about one hour. The total cost of a divorce or other family law matter can vary greatly. Due to the unpredictable nature of litigation, it is impossible for any attorney to predict the total cost of a divorce with certainty. If you choose to hire me to represent you, you will pay a retainer, which is like a deposit to be applied toward future service. Once retained, time devoted to your case by attorneys is billed at $300 per hour. Time devoted to your case by paralegals is billed at $100 per hour.

Can I get my ex for abandonment or neglect? If so, who should I contact that will accept a mother with no income?

My husband and I have not been getting along these past few months so he decides to take his son, from a previous relationship, and two yr old, from a previous relationship, and move in"temporary" with his mom in Alabama. But we have a seven month old little girl together which I've been taking care of her by myself because I am currently unemployed. My husband works weekend days at a plant. We are renting a house in Fayetteville, TN but for a month now it's just been my infant and myself. He pays child support for his two yr old but has not really helped me with our daughter.


With a new baby in the house, two other children in a newly blended family situation, and you out of work, your household has enough stress to challenge any marriage. You may want to consider marriage counseling to see if your relationship is worth saving. Divorce will not put you in a better financial position, and you will no longer be able to see your baby every day. Be sure you are aware of the consequences if you choose to seek assistance from a divorce attorney and file for divorce -- it is not a magic bullet to make all problems go away.

How can we keep the boy friend away from the children until the divorce is final?

My son-in-law was recently kicked out of his home and replaced by a boy friend. They have 4 children 8 years and younger. Is it possible to keep the boy friend away from the children until the divorce is final.


When your son-in-law files for divorce, he can ask for a hearing on the issue of whether the children can be exposed to the new boyfriend. However, there is no hard and fast rule here. Some judges will routinely prohibit contact between the children and the new lover. Others will prohibit only overnight visits or ask for proof that the boyfriend is a danger to the children (such as history of violence, child abuse, or drugs). In some cases, a judge may place no restrictions on contact with the boyfriend, but if the exposure continues, the judge may weigh it heavily against the mother at the final divorce because it shows such poor judgment as a parent.

My ex does pay child support faithfully but he has not called or visited in 2 years, is that abandonment?

I recently lost my job after injuring my back and have been experiencing depression. My doctor instructed me to file for disability. My son and I are now on TennCare. I had to sign papers agreeing for the state to go after my ex husband for insurance. Knowing my ex, he will sue me for custody rather than pay more than he currently is. Will my suffering with depression go against me if he does go for custody? Is it abandonment?


There are numerous factors that a judge would consider in any child custody case, but certainly, two factors that would weigh heavily against your ex are not visiting in two years, and filing for custody in retaliation for a child support increase. Your illness and disability are relevant only to the extent that they impact your ability to parent. As always, it is a good idea to keep meticulous records of calls/visits.

My wife wants to buy a house while we are in the beginning stage of divorce. Does the house become marital asset ?

Hello, my wife and I are in the beginning stage of divorce, we are yet to file. With our rental agreement expiring next month, my wife decided that she wants to buy the house before going through the divorce. What can I do to protect myself as I'm clearly not interested in purchasing a property under the circumstances. What can I do to protect myself if she does end up buying the house before divorce is final ?


In Tennessee, any property purchased during the marriage up until the date of your final divorce is marital property. It would be extremely unusual that a mortgage company would close a home loan without the spouse's signature on certain documents. If your wife is eager to buy a house before the divorce, you may be in a position to negotiate for something you want. I recommend having an attorney draft a complete divorce settlement for her signature before you cooperate with her home purchase. Of course, in any event, you would not want to be a borrower on the home loan.

Revoking visitation for NCP who doesn't use it & is moving out of state?

Is there a way for a child custody or divorce attorney to help me revoke visitation rights for a non-custodial parent, if they do not use the visitation they have been given and then move out of state? This will be the second time my ex has moved away from our daughter. The first time he moved, he did not try to see her for a year and I suspect that it will be the same this time, as he's moving back to that area. He clearly does not want to be involved in her life and I want to protect her from the back and forth disappointment. He is also significantly behind on child support - which will only get worse after he leaves.


If you document your ex's failure to use his parenting days for some length of time, such as 6 months, you will have a strong case to suspend his visitation. Many judges would allow him to come back to court and ask for some gradual visitation plan in the future. If you are remarried, and your husband wants to adopt your daughter, you may have a case to permanently terminate the father's parental rights.

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