Through her extensive work as a family attorney, Donna Green has achieved a very thorough understanding of the intricacies of this important practice area. This knowledge is accompanied by a unique ability to navigate family law matters using mediation as well as litigation.



Donna Green’s knowledge of this intricate area of family law is accompanied by her unique ability to navigate family law matters using mediation as well as litigation.

Donna L. Green



Donna Green’s experience as a family law attorney covers all areas of family law, from divorce and child custody issues to annulment, legal separation, alimony, paternity or parentage actions, same sex divorce, step parent adoption, collection of child support, collection of alimony, relocation (move-aways), grandparent rights, appeals, and mediation.

With over 20 years experience, family lawyer Donna Green has extensive knowledge which she utilizes to help her clients navigate family law matters as amicably as possible. Whenever available, Donna seeks to utilize collaborative negotiation such as mediation, in place of or in addition to litigation, so as to make things as cooperative and cost-effective as possible for everyone involved.

If you are facing difficult family law issues, it’s important to have a knowledgeable family attorney on your side who knows the pros and cons of every possible approach to your case. Particularly when loved ones such as children are involved, there are often ways to negotiate using collaborative means over litigation. While this is not always possible, Donna strives to keep negotiations cordial in order to make working through family law matters as harmonious as possible.

More about seeking a Family Law Attorney

When seeking a family law attorney it’s useful to determine if a prospective lawyer has the specific experience your case calls for. Donna has experience not only in divorce, but in high asset divorce, which has its very own unique set of complications.

When it comes to divorce, your assets are monetary or real property, and you need to be certain they are handled properly during your divorce. Attorney Donna Green has helped other high net worth clients handle the divorce process while protecting their overall financial strategies and their assets within the bounds of the law. Whether you are dividing real estate, ownership in a business, assets held internationally, retirement accounts or cash, you need the insight and services of a lawyer to ensure everything is handled correctly.

If you’re seeking family law representation or advice regarding child custody or child support, be sure to find out if the prospective family attorneys you are considering have mediation as well as litigation experience. Though it’s not always possible to resolve things completely amicably, there are several options available in most cases that can make the process sorting through child custody much more collaborative and less combative.

At the Law Office of Donna Green, the needs of the children are the first priority in child custody and child support cases. Yet, Donna also understands the needs of parents. She strives to protect parenting rights and the financial needs of the custodial parent while also protecting the needs of the children when determining child custody. With this balanced approach, Donna Green is able to ensure that her clients’ best interest are protected, both in the present and in the future.

When it comes to family matters involving children or other dependents, knowing when to utilize collaborative resolution, and when to litigate, can make all the difference as far as alleviating stress and making the experience as harmonious as possible for yourself and your loved ones. While Donna strives to seek mediation and collaborative means to resolving family law matters whenever possible, she also has solid litigation experience. With her unique experience in both mediation and litigation, Donna is a family law attorney uniquely experienced to offer the most pragmatic solutions to her clients.

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