Very Happy Single Dad

Donna was my attorney through a two year fight with a very contentious ex wife and her equally contentious attorney.

Everything from 50/50 custody to every financial decision (including the realtor chosen to sell the marital home) was fought for or had to be decided by the court because of my ex and her attorney.

After a long and drawn out process I got the 50/50 custody that I wanted and am much better off financially than I could have ever imagined at the start of this process.

Furthermore, Donna was very good at talking me through the process and calming me when I felt overwhelmed or just wanted to cave to their scare tactics. This saved me thousands of dollars and helped me through this emotionally.

I couldn't have asked for anything more from an attorney than what I received by hiring Donna.

Attorney of the YEAR!

A year and a half into my case, with two other attorney's behind me who botched up my case and basically set my case up for failure, Donna Green was willing to take on my child custody and divorce case. From the minute Donna took over my case I felt like I had someone who actually listened to me and cared and was ready and willing to "fight for my rights". I wasn't just a number and a paycheck.
Donna has a brilliant mind. She was able to make things happen that my two previous attorneys told me "would not happen".
I know Donna will be "Judge Green" someday. Donna's knowledge, wisdom, patience, gusto, respect, perseverance, and sense of humor in the midst of very stressful situations make her stand out.
Thank you Donna for caring about me and my son and willing to fight for us.

a Child Custody client

Donna Green knows the law and is extremely good with interpretting the law. She is knowledgable, professional and pleasant. I would recommend her to anyone seeking an attorney with thourough knowledge of Tennessee law! Additionally, should your case go to appeal, she is extremely good at writing briefs and presenting oral arguments. She makes it easy for her clients to understand, and lays it out nicely for the judge as well. I can’t say enough about her.


We hired Donna during a move away situation with my stepdaughter. She fought hard for my husband’s rights to be a parent to his daughter. Everyone in her office is very professional and personable. She did a great job arguing our case and was very good at listening to our concerns and our wanted outcomes in the case, as well as going to mediation to try and avoid court. We really appreciate her!

a Child Custody client

My first mistake was not initially choosing an attorney that specializes in Child Custody. That was over 4 years ago. I am a single father, I was ignorant about the laws of divorce and child custody. I picked a random attorney and I was literally raked over the coals. Donna was recommended to me by the Dads of TN organization. Since that time, Donna and I have been through numerous depositions, mediations, and court appearances. She has never lost a battle for me, and we have been up against some of the best in Williamson County. I now have my son as much as my work physically allows, and he’s here with me every week. He is smart, well-adjusted, and happy. I owe that to Donna. Some insight on why Donna is so good, and other attorneys would be wise to heed this, is the fact that her intuition is amazing. She gets to know you, her client, and in doing so also knows who and what you are going up against. She prepares her strategy based on this knowledge and, coupled with her knowledge of the law, provides the best representation you could ever hope for. One more point I would like to make is Donna only takes a limited number of cases at any time. By doing so, she stays current with your situation, she can respond in a timely manner, and you don’t get lost in the “shuffle” of a mountain of other clients. I would never use anyone else.

a Child Custody Client

Donna Green was very helpful in my divorce case and acted with constant professionalism. She advised me on court proceedings that were necessary for me to receive an equal distribution of an asset and temporary support in my divorce case. Donna was always mindful of my comfort zone in making decisions concerning the case and showed a great amount of expertise when dealing with opposing counsel. I feel pleased with the outcome of my divorce and feel that Donna's experience in the courtroom as well as reputation within the legal community contributed to my positive outcome.

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