High Asset Divorce

Divorce is rarely simple, but when a divorcing couple has a high net worth, the entire process becomes increasingly complex. Even when a prenuptial agreement is in place, the division of assets is never cut and dried. Donna Green can assist with high asset divorces, to protect the rights of Donna’s clients, she has developed a network of trusted accountants, psychologists, appraisers, business valuators, and other experts who can work as a team to address complex issues.

Franklin, TN Divorce Attorney Serving High Net Worth Client

Whether your assets are monetary or real property, you need to be certain they are handled properly during your divorce. Attorney Donna Green has helped other high net worth clients handle the divorce process while protecting their overall financial strategies and their assets within the bounds of the law. Whether you are dividing real estate, ownership in a business, assets held internationally, retirement accounts or cash, you need the insight and services of a lawyer to ensure everything is handled correctly.

One of the main tasks of a high net worth lawyer is determining the value of the assets in question. The Law Office of Donna Green is well aware of the specific methods used for valuation, and the tax implications that high worth assets can bring. With her help, you can enter the divorce process fully knowledgeable about how the division of your property will affect you financially.

Valuable Legal Counsel throughout the Divorce Process

In a high net divorce, it’s common for one party to try to hide assets by not disclosing all accounts. With the help of a qualified Williamson County divorce attorney, you can ensure that your team will aggressively seek those hidden assets to that the outcome of the divorce is as equitable as possible. By tenaciously looking for these types of hidden assets, Attorney Donna Green will ensure that you are fully protected.

Don’t enter the divorce process with your financial future on the line.

Trust the team at the Law Office of Donna Green to work hard to ensure that your property and financial future are protected by doing their full due diligence to find and properly divide all marital assets.